0.2ltr (200mL) PVC / 1/2″ NPT Sealed (scale 1mL) Calibration Vessel (Griffco)

  • Calibration Vessel
  • 0.2L, PVC
  • 1/2″ connections
  • For 12 ph dosing pump

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 Griffco calibration cylinders are designed to enhance the performance of chemical feed systems by providing a verification of the flow rate of the chemical feed pump. Robust construction of clear PVC with an easy to read graduation in mls and gph. Available in three models: EZ-Clean, Vented, and Open Top; and 13 sizes; 100 mL through 20,000 mL as detailed here.



Fill the cylinder to the top mark then close the valve from the chemical tank. Switch on the chemical feed pump and draw down the chemical in the cylinder for 30 seconds. Switch the pump off. The reading on the right side of the cylinder is a direct readout of USgph.

Alternatively, observe the volume withdrawn on the ml scale. To convert to LPH use this formula:

LPH = (volume

÷draw time) x 3.6    



calibration cylinders are installed in the suction line to the chemical metering pump. Two isolating valves, (not supplied) must be installed in the suction line as per the drawing below. The top of the cylinder should be vented back to the storage tank or to drain.


Note: Maximum cylinder pressure is 1 Bar





Top is glued to cylinder and contains a vent or overflow connection. (ISO). Used in applications where there is a positive suction head and a permanent installation is desired.

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