DDI 150/4-AR-PP/E/C-S-B4B4F

  • Digital Dosing Pump
  • 0.19-150 lph, 4 bar
  • Polypropylene/EPDM/Ceramic
  • 110-230/1/50-60
  • 800:1 turndown

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The DDI series is firmly established on the dosing pump market with its combination of innovative drive technology and integrated microelectronics. Users appreciate how they can simply enter the required dosing rate in litres per hour and let the DDI handle the rest.

Flow monitor checks for malfunctions (optional)

The unique flow monitor detects any dosing errors on both the suction and pressure sides and immediately emits an error message if anything is wrong. It can also check for excess pressure: Just enter the maximum counter pressure allowed (in bar) and leave everything to the DDI. If the pressure is exceeded, the pump stops.

Double diaphragm for optimum process reliability

Some processes must never be interrupted – not even in the event of a diaphragm rupture. The DDI is equipped with a double diaphragm system. If the diaphragm fails, the DDI will continue dosing thanks to the protective diaphragm.

Diaphragm leak detection (optional)

If the pump is supplied with diaphragm leak detection, a differential pressure sensor will send an error signal as notification to replace the diaphragm.

Turndown ratio of 1:800

The DDI 222 has a turndown ratio ten times better than that of conventional equipment. This allows us to create a complete pump series with just one motor, one gearing system, and two pump head sizes. You get the precision you want every time – and need only a minimum of spare parts and storage capacity.

Compact design

DDI pumps are smaller and quieter than conventional pumps in their class, making them easy to install anywhere. Order your DDI with the control and display interface on the side or front as you wish.

Full stroke length every time

The DDI series use a full stroke length every time – a feature unique to Grundfos Alldos dosing pumps. Each stroke is carefully timed to bring you even concentrations in the system and optimum priming throughout the entire operating range.

Brushless DC motor

The drive solution used in the DDI series ensures very smooth, continuous dosing even as it keeps energy consumption at a record low.

Anti-cavitation function

The “slow mode” settings systematically reduce the suction stroke so that difficult, viscous media are dosed with smooth precision. When set at 60% of the maximum dosing rate, the DDI can dose media with a viscosity of up to 1,000 [mPa s] at 40%, it will handle extremely viscous media up to 2600 [mPa s]. You no longer need external dilution or treatment systems, but can dose chemicals directly and with no waste.

Fieldbus communication available

The DDI is also available with a PROFIBUS DP interface.

Switch-mode power supply

DDI pumps can be used worldwide within the range of 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz.

Manual control

In manual control mode, set the flow rate in the display.

Pulse control

For each pulse received at the contact input of the pump (for example from a water meter with reed contact output), the pump doses the set quantity. The memory can store a maximum of 65,000 pulses for later processing.

Analog control

The dosed quantity is proportional to the current input signal of 0-20 mA or 4-20 mA.

Batch mode

In batch mode, a defined batch quantity is dosed with a defined flow. The dosing of a batch can be triggered manually and by pulse.

Timer batch

The set batch quantity is dosed with a preset interval.

Slow mode

In slow mode, the pumps slow down the suction stroke. This reduces cavitation when dosing viscous media. Slow mode can be activated in any operating mode.

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