• DS200 Dosing System
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • Integral bund, 200L tank
  • Dosing or Peristaltic Pump
  • Health & Safety focused

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DS200 Dosing Unit: Fully enclosed Chemical dosing unit with 200 Litre storage capacity & integral bund. 

Principle: A fully enclosed chemical dosing system comprising a weatherproof Polyethylene rotationally moulded enclosure and integral bund into which is fitted a 200 Litre Polyethylene storage tank. Single duty or duty/standby pumps can be fitted with dose rates up to 150 Litres/hr. Uses: Designed as a small storage capacity packaged Chemical dosing system for indoor or outdoor applications. Dosing pump and control options available for dose rates from 0.004—150 L/hr.

Safety & Ease of Use: With an integral bund and full height front roller door, the unit provides a safe & robust fully enclosed lockable unit.

By using Grundfos Alldos Digital dosing pumps which have a user interface that lets you enter the dosing rate you want directly on the screen, the systems are very simple to use. Furthermore, with a very wide turndown ratio (100:1 for smaller pumps 800:1 for large pumps) and no need for complicated stroke rate calculations, the DS200 is truly “plug & play”.

Polyethylene enclosure IP54 rated with integral 240 Litre capacity bund, (resistant to most Chemicals), lockable front access Polyethylene roller shutter door, 200 Litre rotationally moulded storage tank. The unit is designed to be moved by forklift with integral lifting slots. Dose rates—Models available allowing dose rates as low as 0.025 l/hr or up to 150 l/hr.

Health & Safety—With integral chemical containment, automatic leak detection cut-off & splash screens, etc. The DS200 provides a safe dosing system for both operator & environment.

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