Hyprolyser 1100

  • Hyprolyser 1100g/h Cl2
  • 185-265V, 1ph, 50/60Hz
  • 5.6 KW/h power useage
  • 160 l/h water usage
  • 3.92 kg/h salt usage

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Hyprolyser: The safe, reliable, extremely economical and efficient system for on-site production of sodium hypochlorite solution.

Hyprolyser™ produces a sodium hypochlorite solution (NaClO) from the electrolysis of common salt (sodium chloride NaCl) in a salt and water (H2O) solution. The reactor produces a safe and usable solution which is less than 8g/l active chlorine and a small amount of hydrogen gas with no other by-products.

Generated sodium hypochlorite is stored in an internal product tank ready for use (additional storage tanks are available if required). Hydrogen gas is diluted with air at source and monitored with a fail-safe system, so that all areas within the electrolyser, product tank and ventilation pipework remain well below the LEL .

The reaction is a 2 part process. The initial reaction produces sodium hydroxide (NaOH), chlorine gas (Cl

2) and hydrogen gas (H2). The sodium hydroxide(NaOH) and chlorine gas (Cl2chloride (common salt NaCl) and water (H2O). The hydrogen gas (H2) production is very slight and is vented away. Then the process continues.


The Hyprolyser™ range of systems are suitable for a wide range of commercial and indus trial water applications.

Drinking water, Swimming pool and spas, Brewing, Food processing and agricultural washing, Cooling towers, Water treatment, Bleaching


Site Requirements



Mains/clean water quality at up to 140 litres per kg chlorine production and at a pressure in the range of 1.5 – 5.0 bar. For pressures below this a booster pump can be pr ovided.  


Food grade quality salt with low calcium content <100mg/kg. Where product to be used for dosing into water intended for human consumption a low bromide content salt should be used. 3.5kg Salt for each kg of chlorine pr oduction

Power: 1

85 – 265V 50/60Hz 4.5kW/h per kg/h chlorine production


A local drain is required for softener regeneration

Vent: S

afe discharge point as close to electrochlorination unit as possible. High and Low level natural room ventilation required.


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