0.07L, 200bar, 3/8″ 316SS, EPDM Bladder

  • Pulsation Damper
  • 0.075L volume
  • Max design pressure 200 bar
  • 316SS body, EPDM bladder
  • 3/8″ BSP

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The function of a pulsation dampener is to stabilize the variable and oscillating flow or hydraulic shock (sometimes referred to as acceleration head) generated in a hydraulic circuit in each cycle by volumetric piston or membrane pumps such as dosing or metering pumps. The main characteristic of these pumps being to deliver a constant volume of liquid in every cycle independently of the circuit resistance or pressure.


as possible.

Correct sizing & installation of a pulsation damper can reduce the nb (nominal bore) of the discharge pipework from a chemical dosing system and generally it is more cost effective to install a pulsation damper and have smaller discharge pipework.


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